TK Land Design . With over 3000 linear feet of rock wall to be built, we knew this would be an opportunity and challenge for most rock wall builders. After meeting with several builders we decided to hire Thomas from TK Land Design & Excavation . Thomas came in with complete confidence and finished on time and within our budget . His eye for detail and rock design is second to none and he’s proven himself to be one of the premiere rock wall builders in the Kelowna. As a registered builder myself I would recommend TK land design to any builder or home owner.

John Adams
5Adams Construction and Marvel Homes



Last fall we hired TK Land Design to complete the hardscape portion of our landscaping on our new house. Thomas handpicked every rock from the quarry and created retaining walls which frame the deck and pool area brilliantly. His vision, creativity, and passion to build walls with natural and unique lines created a work of art. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Thomas and look forward to working with TK Land Design on the final stages of the landscaping project this year.

Fraser and Barbara