TK Land Design & Excavation Philosophy

TK Land Design and Excavation will create any landscape you envision: your land is the canvas. From the drama of massive stone structures to the coziness of seating areas bringing the comfort of your home outdoors, you simply imagine it. The rest is our job.

TKLDE delivers the toughness of a builder and the delicate precision of an artist. Creative designer Thomas Kjorven is also your hands-on lead builder: rock solid laborer by day, by night he’s rocking the local music scene. A dependable professional in both realms, Thomas has his feet firmly planted in the earth he shapes. He’s built his reputation as a rock artist based on more than creativity—his commitment to deliver, his collaborative relationships, and his unwavering sense of responsibility mean he’s in demand. The result is land design with unparalleled functionality informed by exceptional artistry.